Kensaye is a Paris born, London based music producer, composer, engineer, percussionist and workshop facilitator. He has been actively involved in each of those roles for the past 10 years, providing a fresh and exciting approach to music production and education.


Offering innovative and inspiring concepts for his workshops, Kensaye has been involved in numerous projects across schools, detention centres and refugee initiatives in the UK, working primarily with children and young people. His workshops aim to provide a progressive and accessible experience that resonates with the young participants and stimulates their creativity.

Kensaye has gained notoriety on the blogs and independent radio stations for his remixes and Afro-Electronic releases. Inspired by his Haitian roots, he merges Afro-Caribbean rhythms with the energy of Hip Hop and the sounds of Electronic music. He has performed in numerous venues in the UK and Europe and his music has been played on the BBC, Reprezent Radio, Worldwide FM, Soho Radio and many other radio stations across the globe.


Using his minimal recording studio, Kensaye composed and engineered songs for numerous artists, adding his signature flavour to genres varying from Pop, Rap, RnB and more. 

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