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Kensaye has an extensive experience composing, producing, enhancing, mixing and mastering songs of all genres, with a special expertise in Black music (Afrobeats, Rap, RnB, Future Beats, Trap etc...). But he also delves in other genres such as Pop, House, Electronic genres and more.

His signature sound is exemplified by his use of drums and percussion, unique to his talent at playing both instruments at a young age. Kensaye can bring an edge to your track with a progressive, yet accessible creative input. Armed with a simple but effective studio set-up, he can dive into his library of sounds and plug ins to create the music that matches your needs and expectations, adding a touch of individuality and industry standard professionalism that is often sought after. The dynamics of the beats will match those played in the mainstream, bringing your music to a higher standard but without losing its edge or uniqueness.


Do you need to have the volume of your tracks boosted? Do you want the energy and clarity to match other songs on the market? Kensaye can help you do this effectively and at an affordable price.


You may have an idea of what you would like your music to sound like. With a reference track in hand, he can bring your song as close as possible to your desired sound, without removing any of your original vibe. Kensaye can also work on tight deadlines, and remotely if need be. Using state of the art plug-in tools to bring some depth and sharpness to your mix, he also has a natural talent and an ear for placing sounds in frequencies where they belong and boosting the energy of the music without saturating the output.

Kensaye can add the final touches to your track and iron out all the loose ends with a compact, and bouncy finished product by smoothing out the edges in the mastering stage.


Have you got a demo recorded and would like to enhance the production? Keep the composition but remix the song completely to a new genre? Adding fresh sounds to replace some dull ones? Add live instruments?

Kensaye can do all of this and more. 

Being a seasoned remixer, Kensaye is comfortable with changing the elements of a song, adding or removing parts to create the right recipe for success. He also has access to an array of musicians and upmarket studio spaces to get the best possible outcome. The requests can be as basic or elaborate as required: From just adding electronic drums to recording a live band, there is no limit as to what can be done. 

A good collaboration requires a deep understanding of your goals and your ideal sonic identity. Kensaye likes to spend time getting to know his clients and getting a clear idea of their objectives both in terms of sound and career.

If you are interested in working with Kensaye or have further questions,  please click here.

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