Kensaye is a French music producer / Percussionist / DJ/ Workshop Coordinator born of a Haitian mother and Jewish American father. He moved to the UK at the age of 15 and after completing his BA Honours degree at Westminster University he chose to pursue a career in music. Kensaye has produced music for  host of artists, underground and established alike, and performed at prestigious venues such as The Barbican, Jazz Café and Koko and other venues around the world. He hosts a bi-weekly radio show on Ness Radio, an internet radio station based in Morocco. Exploring different facets of the music industry and his own various skills, Kensaye went on to teach percussion and music production. Kensaye has worked with the Enfield young offenders team to


The workshop has been created and managed by Kensaye, who has an extensive experience running and producing workshops for young and old. He is highly qualified and CRB checked. The workshop has been designed to be educational, creative and inspirational. 'Individuality and music production' aims to meet the needs of current educational curriculum and includes a mix of theory and practice. Participation is not obligatory but is encouraged.

Music is an incredible tool for self-expression and individuality. In this workshop we look at how our individual differences and personal experiences can create unique and authentic music. Initially discussions about identity and passion are instigated, followed by a debate about musical taste and what music means to them. We tackle topics about authenticity and being 'real' and how music should reflect experiences connected with the human condition. Kensaye illustrates his points with a mix of personal experience and popular culture examples. Equipped with his basic portable recording studio set-up,

deliver music production workshops and gives regular Djembe and music production classes in the N16 area.

He delivers an interesting and stimulating workshop entitled 'Individuality and music production', to a wide variety of education establishments. He is an authentic artist with a vast amount of knowledge in his specific field.


The purpose of the workshop is to enhance the growth and development of our local community by teaching people of all ages to discover and enhance their full potential and bring about community cohesion, positive motivation as well as giving individuals the

tools for self empowerment, by using their talents and skills to nurture and cultivate their minds. Kensaye's mission is to give our future generation the confidence to try new things, have fun and learn simultaneously.

In the process he also wants to address some of life's conflicts that many young people in our community face. The workshop is designed to incorporate:

- Identity Issues

- Peer Pressure

- Culture

- Self image

Kensaye records sounds from the class and helps create a musical piece that is unique to this particular moment, demonstrating that making music is unique, fun and spontaneous. But also, Kensaye tackles the importance of bringing your own culture and identity in the musical creation. This encourages self pride in ones identity. We use tools such as sampling and software music production to demonstrate how easy, fun and pure the process can be. Suitable Curriculum Topics: Music, PSHEE

Technical requirements:

To deliver this workshop, Kensaye only requires an amp with speakers and also preferably a projector to share his computer screen with the group.

If you are interested in booking Kensaye to facilitate a workshop or have further questions,  please click here.

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