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Kensaye is a music technology teacher, workshop facilitator and leader who has been running an array of different educational music projects, collaborating directly with charity organisations, social enterprises and state schools in London. Working with young people of all ages, he has created a conceptual approach that is accessible for all, regardless of musical knowledge and experience and is also inspiring and psychologically empowering. Kensaye has experience teaching music production and specific music software in academic classroom-based environments or creating music in a causal setting with a  therapeutic approach with vulnerable young people.

Kensaye created a workshop programme, working independently or with a group of fellow musicians. The project explores the complex issues surrounding identity, and aims to bring acceptance and pride towards one's sense of self, in a way that is fun, simple and therapeutic.


The purpose of the workshop is to enhance the growth and development of young people by allowing them to discover and enhance their full potential. The program gives them a sense of accomplishment, positive motivation and self empowerment, by using their talents and skills to nurture and cultivate their minds. Kensaye's mission is to give our future generation the confidence to try new things, have fun and learn simultaneously.

In the process he also wants to address some of life's conflicts that many young people face. The workshop is designed to incorporate:

- Identity Issues

- Peer Pressure

- Culture

- Self image


This program is led by Kensaye, who has an extensive experience running and producing workshops for young people. He is highly qualified, CRB checked and trained to work with trauma victims. This particular workshop has been designed to be educational, creative and inspirational.

Music is an incredible tool for self-expression and individuality. In this workshop we look at how our individual differences and personal experiences can create unique and authentic music. Initially, discussions about identity and passion are instigated, followed by a debate about musical taste and what music means to them. We tackle topics about authenticity and being 'real' and how music should reflect experiences connected with the human condition. Equipped with his basic portable recording studio set-up, Kensaye records sounds from the group and helps create a musical piece that is unique to this particular project, demonstrating that making music can be fun and spontaneous. But also, Kensaye tackles the importance of bringing your own culture and identity in the musical creation. We use tools such as sampling and software music production to demonstrate how easy, and entertaining the process can be.

The project ideally lasts for six 2 hour sessions, and the aim is to create at least one piece of recorded music that includes production, live instruments, lyrics and vocals; and also potentially a music video and/or a live performance to go alongside their creation. Having a final product to show for gives the participants a goal, and once completed, a real sense of accomplishment. The songs created remain accessible online on private links for all to revisit at any point, a great trophy to preserve an unforgettable experience.

Suitable Curriculum Topics: Music, PSHEE

Organisations worked with: Music Action International, Guildha;; ScMusic in Detention, Refugee Youth, British Red Cross, Newman Catholic College, Enfield Young Offenders, SCAN UK.


If you are interested in booking Kensaye to facilitate a workshop or have further questions,  please click here.

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